In our thermal swimming pool we organize funny aquagym lessons: you can get them free… Doing exercises in water is a good thing for everybody…thermal water is just what you need in addition.
We consider it a complete treatment because it is a sport, a re-creative, rehabilitative and beauty activity. Its effects on our body are extraordinary: it invigorates our muscles, improves our joints and blood circulation; it helps our breathing; doing aquagym we can burn many calories and reduce our cellulitis, we can forget our stress as well…

Easy activities

If you want to discover all the beauties of nature in our neighbourhood and stay quite in fit you can spend some pleasant afternoons in the open air TREKKING OR EASY BIKING.


It’s a light amusing and healthy activity which can give you a full sense of wellbeing in a wonderful, natural background: our hills.
Trekking is a sport and wellness discipline; you will get extraordinary advantages with it; you will invigorate your muscles, will get the right body posture without getting your joints tired. Anybody can practice it, at any age.
Moreover trekking is an aerobic and cardiovascular training: it’s very useful; your heart, your lungs, your muscles will considerably improve.

Easy Bike

It’s a light activity but all the same it’s healthy: you just have to ride a bicycle in the country in a good company. You can get many advantages: your metabolism, your immune and cardiovascular system will improve and your breathing as well; your legs muscles will be stronger and stronger. When you ride a bicycle you relax, you are given a real sense of wellbeing and a new energy… and the wonderful nature surrounding your way will make your activity more and more pleasant and amusing. You will be helped by experienced companions during your Easy Bike trips.