General measures taken to prevent the spread of covid19

The health and wellbeing of our guests is our priority. That is why we have adopted guidelines that guarantee the highest safety standards during your stay and while you are undergoing thermal treatments
We kindly ask for your collaboration
Medical checkup at the hotel supervised by a Health Director
Our personnel is trained on the procedures and the containment and management measures taken by the hotel against COVID-1
The personnel is always equipped with personal protection equipment in accordance with the regulations in force
The personnel will check that people keep the correct social distancing in all common areas, including swimming-pools and wellness areas
Notices, such as posters and brochures, are available for providing the guests with safety provisions
Disinfectant dispensers are located in different areas of the hotel.
Guests must keep a distance of at least 1 meter from others and wear a mask in all common areas of the hotel (except for the swimming pool while taking a swim, the restaurant and the bar during the meals).
It is requested not to create gatherings in the common areas and to reduce the time of staying in the reception area
To avoid long queues at the reception we ask before arrivals if possible to send a copy of the identity card and all the necessary information for the registration; we inform that we have automated payment systems and that we use electronic keys that we give the guest after having sanitized them.
We gently ask our guests to arrive at the hotel with surgical throwaway masks or masks made up of washable fabric to be worn in our common areas and to bring with them sanitizing gel and throwaway handkerchiefs.
The frequency of cleaning and sanitization of all the areas has been increased. All the procedures of sanitization follow the guidelines provided by the legislation for prevention and containment of Covid 19.
At the restaurant and bar the tables are placed so as to maintain always the proper distance. Only members of the same family or roommates can seat at the same table.
Sunbeds near the swimming pools are arranged at 2 metres from one another. The guest is gently required to use only the closed ones (already sanitized) and to ask the lifeguard in case of moving. The daily sanitization of the sunbeds is assured. Disinfectants and cleaning paper are anyway available. Once arrived at the hotel, the guest must sign the self declaration, in which he declares not to be in quarantine and not to have any other family member in quarantine; to have a body temperature above 37.5 C, not to present symptoms arising from respiratory infections and to respect the instructions of the hotel for the prevention against Covid 19 risk.
The access to the lift of more than one person is allowed only to members of the same family or to roommates.
No check-in is allowed to anyone with fever at 37.5 C or more or symptoms associated with respiratory disease. To guarantee the respect of the security distance, there are dedicated signs on the floor.
If a guest shows fever or symptoms associated with Covid, he is required to immediately inform the reception who will contact the competent health authorities. So as to reduce the risk of contagion, the guest, while waiting for the health authorities, is invited to go back to his room together with the other room occupants.
At the reception a medical kit is available for the guest who is suspected of contagion and for whom assist him.
The staff of the restaurant and of the kitchen has been properly trained on the rules to respect so as to guarantee the guest the maximum security before, during and after the service.
At the restaurant the tables are placed so as to guarantee the proper distance. Only members of the same family or guests who share the same room can seat at the same table
The table is sanitized at each service and the tablecloths are changed at each changing of the guest.
At breakfast the buffet is served to guests by our staff. The guest must wear the mask when moving from his table to the buffet and vice versa and to maintain the distance (to facilitate the procedure proper signs on the floor have been placed).
The cart service has been removed to prevent contagion risk. The dishes come ready directly out of the kitchen and are brought from our waiters at the guest’s table. Hands must be sanitized before entering the restaurant.
The kitchen and restaurant’s staff are provided with the personal protective equipment as required by the regulation in force. Thermal and Wellness Area
All the treatments must be booked.
Our staff is provided with surgical masks or FFP2 (mud operators and beautician) and the treatments are carried out guaranteeing the maximum respect for the rules of interpersonal protection
Sanitizing dispensers are at guest’s disposal
The thermal cave is not available as required by the legislation against Covid.
The use of the mask is mandatory but not during treatment
It is possible to do aerosol, but not inhalation.
The filtration, chlorination and disinfection processes, that our swimming pools undergo, make of them the most safe place, while respecting the safety distance. The sunbeds near the swimmimg pools are spaced 2 metres from each others. The guest is gently required to use only those already closed (already sanitised) and to contact the lifeguard to make any move.
Daily sanitising of the sunbeds is assured. Disinfectant gel and cleaning paper are at disposal.
Also aqua gym courses take place respecting the security distance
The use of the mask is requested everytime the guest moves from his place (bed, table, toilets, bar….)
The guest is gently required to respect the distance of at least 1,50 metres from other people that do not belong to his family also while taking a swim.
It is compulsory to have a shower with soap using the inner baths at the first entry into the water
The cleaning, the sanitising and the disinfection of the common areas and of the rooms is made from our high qualifying staff who is formed according to the guidelines laid down by the legislation for the prevention and the containment of Covid 19.
The cleaning staff is equipped with the individual protection equipments (single-use gloves and masks).
The cleaning and the sanitising of the common areas is made several times during the day with a particular attention to the handles, grab bars and switchboards.
Rooms and common areas are aired several times during the day.
Air conditioning systems are sanitised, following the instructions provided by the producer and according to the legislation to decrease Covid risk.
The present document, which follows with attention the national and regional guidelines, may undergo variations according to the evolution of the current healthy situation.
We thank you for the attention and, sure of your collaboration, we assure you all our efforts to make you have a wellness stay, in total safety!

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