Spas and wellness

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place where you have to live” Jim Rohn
 Taking care of your body is a duty and a right: our mental and physical wellbeing is the key for a better and a longer life.
This is our philosophy. Our hotel is the best place where you can relax and forget your stressing everyday life…
Our swimming pools, our massages, our mud bath treatments…everything is tested for your wellness and comfort.
Our Thermal Cave is a special room saturated with warm, damp, thermal air which helps you if you need to control your blood circulation process, if you want to relax your muscles or if you just need to purify your skin. Dampness rate can arrive at 80%. The following perspiration helps you to eliminate your metabolic wastes. While you are detoxing yourself you stimulate your blood circulation and reinvigorate your body.
The Finish Sauna – in Canadian hemlock- helps your perspiration, so you can eliminate your toxins and purify your skin. Sauna is a dry room. Air dampness never goes beyond 10-15%. Temperature is about 80 degrees.
Relax Area – you can choose between two different areas: the large one on the swimming pool and the relax area in the wellness area.  
The Gym – You can choose between tapis roulant or cyclette to recover your wellness and to complete your thermal treatment.
Kneipp shower can stimulate your blood circulation with its warm and cold water jets. The thermic shock due to different water temperatures stimulates both your blood circulation system and your immune system. With warm water you feel relaxed, on the countrary with cold water you feel invigorated, you regain strength.

Our “Terme” owe their success and their growth to an ancient, natural resource which is able to welcome you, to protect you, to reinvigorate you, to take care of your wellness.

The Thermal water coming from our source gushes from the subsoil at 82 degrees and gives natural clay its beneficial properties which were known in the ancient Rome.
Natural clay becomes a thermal mud DOC: its properties and the application methods combine the relax of a treatment-unique in the world- to a therapy which is able to cure different pathologies: osteoarthrosis, cervical arthrosis, lumbararthrosis, periarthrosis, spondylitis, spondyloarthrosis, complications after a surgical operation, extra-joints rheumatism.
Vaporized thermal water is used for inhalations and aerosol when you need a treatment for your ORL disease such as bronchitis, sinusitis, rinosinusitis, vasomotorian rhinopathy, pharyngolaryngitis.

Our Thermal Establishment has gained the 1 Super Qualification Level from our Health Department. This attests the excellence of our therapeutic product, bath mud and inhalations..

Thanks to scientific researches, our water and our mud are subjected to rigorous examinations and are strictly monitored in order to guarantee the quality of our treatments.
This certificate from Health Department allows you to get a “12 mud baths treatment” or in alternative, a “24 inhalations treatment” only on payment of prescription charge..