"Our Terme owe their success and their growth to an ancient, natural resource which is able to welcome you, to protect you, to reinvigorate you, to take care of your wellness."

The Thermal water coming from our source gushes from the subsoil at 82 degrees and gives natural clay its beneficial properties which were known in the ancient Rome.
Natural clay becomes a thermal mud DOC: its properties and the application methods combine the relax of a treatment-unique in the world- to a therapy which is able to cure different pathologies: osteoarthrosis, cervical arthrosis, lumbararthrosis, periarthrosis, spondylitis, spondyloarthrosis, complications after a surgical operation, extra-joints rheumatism.
Vaporized thermal water is used for inhalations and aerosol when you need a treatment for your ORL disease such as bronchitis, sinusitis, rinosinusitis, vasomotorian rhinopathy, pharyngolaryngitis.

Our Thermal Establishment has gained the 1 Super Qualification Level from our Health Department. This attests the excellence of our therapeutic product, bath mud and inhalations..

Thanks to scientific researches, our water and our mud are subjected to rigorous examinations and are strictly monitored in order to guarantee the quality of our treatments.
This certificate from Health Department allows you to get a “12 mud baths treatment” or in alternative, a “24 inhalations treatment” only on payment of prescription charge..

Thermal waters


The thermal water from the Euganean basin has a meteoric origin and belongs to the category of deep groundwater. It comes from the Lessini Alps.
It flows in the subsoil to a depth of 2000-3000 meters where gets enriched with minerals, and after a course of about 80 Km, needed to reach the settlements of the Euganean Thermes, the water comes out from the source at very high temperatures, above 80°C.
It remains in the subsoil during thousands of years and its long journey, classifies those waters as waters rich with minerals, unique in the world for its extraordinary hyper thermal properties.
The therapeutic value of water and mud is also due to the severity of the regulations governing the extraction.

The Mud

Mud it’s composed of a solid element (clay), a liquid element (mineral water) and biological one (microorganisms). Maturation occurs in special tanks where the clay is in constant contact with the thermal water flowing at a steady pace.
This process lasts for 50-60 days. During this period time, thanks to thermal water temperature and chemical constituents, microorganisms are developed and modify the chemical and physical structure of mud. This is how the mud acquires all the properties that make it unique. Even a European patent was created for its inflammatory effects: MUD P.D.O.

Mud therapy

Thermal mud is applied gradually on the skin at a temperature of 39-40° C, avoiding the anterior thoracic area, the head and the external genitalia.
The duration of the therapy varies from 15 to 20 minutes for the general mud, 30 minutes for partial ones. When the mud application is done, the patient is taken off the mud and, after being washed in a warm shower, is immersed in the thermal bath at a temperature of 37° C-38° C for 8-10 minutes.
After the bath, the patient, dried with warm cloths, reaches his room where has to stay in his bed, well covered, during 30-60 minutes for the sweating effects. To complete an effective thermal program, a massage therapy is recommended, which has toning and healthy effects on muscular and nervous systems.


Thermal inhalation therapies are recognized by the health system for their efficacy in the treatment of respiratory diseases and prevention of exacerbations.
Special tools spray thermal water particles becoming an effective treatment for acute or chronic diseases of upper and lower respiratory tract.
There are many benefits:
Antiseptic effects;
Stimulation of the ciliary;
Standardization of the characteristics of the respiratory mucus;
anti-nflammatory activity;
reduction of pathogenic microbial component;




Euganean Thermalism

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