Massotherapy and Oriental Treatments

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Therapeutic and reactivating massage
This massage improves your muscular tone since it stimulates the lymph and blood circulation: it is a specific treatment against chronic aches integrating your thermal treatment cycle.
Moreover it reduces your stress hormones responsible for a weakness of your immune system.
It is a chinese thecnique particularly indicated for chronic diseases and articular pains treatment.
A cigar is used which once lighted up is placed near the skin close to some specific points(the same considered by acupuncture) to determine the heat.

Pleasant is the warmth sensation, which slowly passes through the body allowing you to reach a perfect psychophysical wellbeing.
Relaxing or toning up or anticellulite massage
Relaxing and toning up massages aim at reinvigorating, hardening and toning your tissues so as to recover their natural elasticity. These massages operate not only on the muscles and the derma of a person but on its global wellness and relax conditions. Anticellulite massage has a direct effect on the dissolution of the adiposity due to draining and stimulating manoeuvres.
Total massage
Specific treatment consisting of a therapeutic /connective massage; myofacial anti-age and plantar massage reflexology.
Ayurvedic massage
It is an holistic treatment helping your bodily, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
Myofacial massage
It supports the lymphatic vessel drainage and rebalances the termination points, receptor of the connective tissues stimulating the intermediate metabolisme. As a consequence your muscles get more relaxed and the antagonist muscles are stimulated in the proper way. The nerve receptor excitability system is reduced as it favours a sedative qand relaxing effect.
Connective tissue massage
It is a technique working on the connective tissue and, indirectly, on the internal organs and musckles. It is helpful against myalgia, neuralgia, rheumatic pains, arterial and venous diseases, menstrual disease, muscle contractures.
Californian massage
It is called also "the Moon Way". It involves the whole body relieving many bodily tensions and giving you a deep real psycho-physical wellbeing feeling.
It is characterized by light movements on the skin which aims at directing our lymph towards the main lymphatic terminal points, where it is purified and recirculated.
Drainage at lower limbs
Specific lymph-drainage at lower limbs reccommended in particular for lymphedema. It aims at reducing excessof liquids.
Stone Therapy
Stones have got many natural properties: if they are put in specific points of the body they remove stress and negative energies. Stones spread their heat across the body stimulating the microcirculation since they carry oxygen and accelerate the metabolism.
Aromatherapic massage
It is a treatment combining the stimulating massage effects with the therapeutic oil properties.The massage is made on the wholw body with slow touching movements. Through the use of the essential oils it operates on the strained parts of the body loosening the musculature, reactivating blood circulation, improving also the skin tone.
Plantar reflexology massage
Like the Acupuncture and Finger – pressure treatments reflexology massage is an ancient Oriental treatment which through a specific foot-massage aims at healing body and mind. It is based on the principle that each organ and part of our body has a reflected zone mainly on our foot-sole, on the instep and on the side as well.
Dead sea salts massage
For this massage dead sea salts and precious oils are used. It makes a natural esfoliation toning up,draining and oxygenating the cells. Giving to the supply of oxygen at last tissues are re-mineralized, water retention is reduced so that you have an anti-cellulite effect.

Beauty treatments

Anti aging facial treatment
Cleansing - scrub - toning - mask - serum - cream with final massage.
Specific products based on vegetable oils are used such as hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, vitamin A and E.
Contrasts the signs of skin aging and protects from the aggressions of time.
Sensitive skin face treatment
Cleansing - scrub - toning - mask - serum - cream with final massage.
The treatment uses products based on Rusco rich in substances with soothing properties and on Centella Asiatica useful for contrasting skin redness.
Aesthetic and curative pedicure
Partial depilation
Total depilation
Half permanent nail varnish
Manicure+Half permanent nail varnish
Illuminating face treatment
Cleansing - scrub - toning - mask - serum - cream with final massage.
Treatment based on precious natural oils, extract of plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Renewal, emollient and moisturizing action with scarring and calming properties .
Face skin facial treatment
Cleansing - scrub - toning - mask - serum -cream with final massage.
Treatment with emulsions based on rich natural oils of vitamins F, A, C and E. It gives deep and intense hydration offering relaxation, compactness and brightness to the skin.
Cleaning facial skin
Cleansing milk, exfoliation, squeezing, whiskers and eyebrow shaping-toning up-the skin ph is brought back to its normal level-final face massage with cream.
Mud mask and face massage
Purifying and rebalancing face mask with thermal mud and final face massage.
Body peeling
Anti cellulite- toning up-detoxifying bandage